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Regatron TC.ResAct Series Power Source

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TC.ResAct is a series of bidirectional DC power source systems made up of TopCon TC.P or TC.GSX DC sources and a high quality electronic load. This topology combines an unrivaled fast system response time with the possibility to realize ‘asymmetric source/sink characteristics’ and cost savings. Asymmetric means that the source or sink part may be independently configured to meet very special requirements e.g. a high DC pulse absorption capability for example. By this, even complex operation requirements may be achieved.

Operation, control and visualization of the complete system are centrally and uniformly performed through the user interface of the TopCon master unit. The fully integrated control and regulation software contains a remarkably versatile bipolar function generator which may control the voltage, current or power in addition to the basic functions.


Application fields

Drive test facilities in the medium power segment

  • Simulation of mixed driving and braking drive cycles
  • Extended testing of drive components
  • Evaluation of the drive system dynamics
  • Testing of auxiliary drives in the automotive sector
  • Testing of converter drives of various voltage classes

Laboratory and development

  • Operation and testing of reactive electrical assemblies
  • Testing of high power electrical energy storage devices
  • Testing and operation of brakeable drives like centrifugal machines or masses
  • Testing of fast positioning drives and automated warehouse drives
  • Testing of elevator and escalator drives
  • Design tests under cyclical alternating current loads
  • Production tests with defined load cycles in charge and discharge mode
  • Testing of electrical limit conditions

General applications

  • Operation and downprogramming of magnetic coils with high inductivity
  • Current controlled operation of reactive elements
  • Testing of electromagnetic assemblies and auxiliary drives in the automotive and consumer industry



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