LCR Our Line-Up

LCR Our Line-Up

We currently have 7 different models of LCR meters from handheld tweezers type to the BODE100 a swept Network Analyzer that among other things can measure impedance from Hz to 50MHz . You will find pdf, videos and more on each product below. Demos can be arranged on all products.

Bode 100

Get an exact picture of your electronic circuits and components.

Use Bode 100 to measure:

  • Complex gain of active and passive circuits
  • Complex impedance and admittance of active and passive devices
  • Swept S-parameters of electronic circuits and filters
  • Group delay characteristics
Easily analyze:
  • Stability of control circuits such as DC/DC converters in power supplies
  • Parasitics of passive components and circuit boards
  • Power-plane impedance for optimum decoupling
  • Reflection coefficient and return loss of filters, antennas or amplifiers
  • Ultrasonic and piezo electric devices
  • Resonance behavior of high Q-circuits like oscillating crystals
  • Resonance frequency and Q-factor of RFID and NFC tags and antennas
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