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Yokogawa Pressure Calibrator CA700

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The CA700 Pressure Calibrator has a basic accuracy of 0.01% of reading on pressure measurement and 0.015% of reading on Current/Voltage source/measurement, which makes it the most accurate calibrator in the portable calibrator class.

It also has the highest resolution and widest range of any portable instrument, with a resolution of 0.001 kpa (200.00 kpa range) and a resolution of 0.0001 psi (at the 29 psi range). A high pressure module, the PM100, is now available, that effectively increases the pressure range of the CA700 to 2300 PSI, all the while maintaining the same basic accuracy of 0.01%.

Pressure is one of the most important and commonly measured forces in industrial plants and sites. Other commonly measured forces, such as temperature, flow and level, can all be derived from pressure. Because of this, pressure transmitters are especially crucial for maintaining the health and safety of plant operations. For a pressure transmitter to perform reliably, periodic calibration of these devices is absolutely necessary. Yokogawa’s pressure calibrators are specifically suited for this task due to their:

Dedicated Functionality
  • Supports customizable, bulit-in “AS-FOUND” and “AS LEFT” routines
  • Can be used as a data logger or USB storage
  • Integration with FieldMate 3.03 for an all-in-one¬†calibration system
  • Integration with pressure modules to calibrate up to 2.3K PSI
  • Best in class accuracy for the portable pressure calibrator product line
  • Utilizes the same high quality Yokogawa patented dPharp sensor technology
  • Different pressure ranges allow maximum resolution, no matter the situation
  • Built with you in mind – Reliable, rugged, and battery-powered
  • IP54 dust and water proof case for harsh enviroments
  • Light-weight and built-in stand



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