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GS820 Multi Channel Source Measure Unit

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The GS820 expands upon the conventional source measure unit technology by featuring two channels of four quadrant operation. Each channel is isolated from one another and comes armed with a voltmeter, ammeter, voltage source and current source.

Application Examples 

  • DC voltage/current reference, pulse voltage/current source
  • V-I curve trace, semiconductor parametric test
  • Programmable arbitrary waveform generation
  • Electric load, resistance measurement
  • Production test


Twice the channel count, double the possibilities

The GS820 source measure unit features dual source/measure channels, enhanced signal resolution, and data storage to handle a multitude of applications from FET testing to effiency characterizaiton, all in a sngle, compact, unit.


Dual I/O Channels
  • Operate the device in all four quadrants on TWO channels
  • Generate endless combinations of test scenarios


Ease of Setup
  • Utilize dedicated I/V curve tracing software or quickly and easily generate customized test setup files
  • Quickly and efficiently create complex pwm, step, ramp, and logarithmic waveforms


Limitless Possibilities
  • Test and characterize anything from multiple FETS and switches to efficency on DC-DC converters



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