G5.SRC – Programmable DC Power Supply Series

The G5.SRC series are unidirectional sources which can operate in CV, CC, CP and Ri-Sim control modes. It is universally applicable and therefore suitable as a source for all industrial and scientific applications in laboratories as well as on test benches and production lines. The modular and finely graded G5.SRC series is characterized by highly dynamic response times, adjustable filter time constants and a wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor 3. Optional software, programming and communication interfaces as well as safety functions allow the G5.SRC power supplies to be optimally adapted to special customer application requirements.



  • Technologically advanced, fast switching, compact 19-inch power supplies
  • High control dynamics in the 100…200 μs range – even at higher power levels
  • Exceptional accuracy of <0.02% FS, additional high-resolution measurement range
  • Wide current-voltage range with an autoranging factor 3
  • CV, CC, CP, and Ri-Sim control modes
  • Highly efficient, resulting in significant reduction of energy consumption and heat dissipation

System Capability

  • Modular and easy scalable systems
  • Parallel, series, and mixed operation with a digital high-speed bus
  • Simple master-slave configuration with the operating software
  • Easy rack mounting
  • Optional safety features such as 2-channel safety interface and insulation monitoring
  • Turn-key cabinet solutions or project-specific system integration according to customer specification

System Control

  • Operating software, extended analysis, parameterization options, and calibration
  • Powerful application programming interfaces (APIs)
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