Vendors Calibration
Vendors Calibration
Yokogawa offer state of the art ISO17025 calibration on power up to 100KHz for all their power meters and up to 1200A for current senors.

  • Yokogawa - Power, Optical, Temperature and more
  • GW Instek - Most of he products can be calibrated in Europe
  • Omicron: Bode100 calibration
  • Regatron: Tests and service can be made

Service and Repair
Service and Repair
Even though Testpower sell High Quality products sometimes service is necessary. Service procedure is a bit different depending on the supplier. Yokogawa have their European service in Germany and try to repair at component level as often as they can.

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Our own Lab
Our own Lab
Products: Yokogawa LS33000 AC power Calibrator and Yokogawa 2560A DC calibrator.

  • Power DC and AC 0,1% class instrument
  • Current clamps
  • Current sensors
  • Simulate temperature (PT100, RTD)
  • Voltage/Current/Phase/temp/resistance

Contact us if you want to know more, make a full calibration on a WT230 and on your system or just a quick test on your application.

Calibration Samples / Brochure Yokogawa