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AQ6370D – Optical spectrum analyzer

TELECOM optical spectrum analyzer

AQ6370D’s overall high performance can cover not only manufacturing of optical devices and optical transmission systems but also research and development, and a variety of other applications.

Key feature summary

  • Wavelength range: 600 to 1700nm
  • High wavelength accuracy: ±0.01nm
  • High wavelength resolution: 0.02nm
  • Wide dynamic range: 78dB typ.
  • Wide level range: +20 to -90dBm
  • Fast measurement: 0.2 sec. (100nm span)
  • Applicable to single-mode and multimode fibers

Items Specifications
Wavelength range *1 350 to 1700 nm
Span *1 0.1 nm to 1100 nm (full span), and 0 nm
Wavelength accuracy
*1, *2, *5
Standard (-10);  ±0.02 nm (1520 to 1580 nm)
High performance (-20);  ±0.01 nm (1520 to 1580 nm)
Standard (-10);  ±0.02 nm (1580 to 1620 nm)
High performance (-20);  ±0.02 nm (1580 to 1620 nm)
Standard (-10);  ±0.04 nm (1450 to 1520 nm)
High performance (-20);  ±0.04 nm (1450 to 1520
Standard (-10);  ±0.10 nm (Full range)
High performance (-20);  ±0.10 nm (Full range)
Wavelength linearity
*1, *2, *5
±0.01 nm (1520 to 1580 nm), ±0.02 nm (1450 to 1520 nm, 1580 to 1620 nm)
Wavelength repeatability
*1, *2
±0.005 nm (1 min.)
Wavelength resolution setting *1, *2 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 nm (full range), and 0.01 nm (400 to 470 nm)
Wavelength resolution bandwidth accuracy *1, *2 ±5% (1450 to 1620 nm, Resolution setting: ≥ 0.1 nm, after performing the Resolution Calibration function, at the wavelength of resolution calibration)
Minimum sampling resolution *1 0.001 nm
Number of sampling 101 to 50001, AUTO
Level sensitivity setting NORM_HOLD, NORM_AUTO, NORMAL, MID, HIGH1, HIGH2 and HIGH3
High dynamic mode SWITCH (Sensitivity: MID, HIGH1-3)
Level sensitivity
*2, *3, *4, *7
−90 dBm (1300 to 1620 nm), −85 dBm (1000 to 1300 nm), −60 dBm (600 to 1000 nm) (Sensitivity: HIGH3)
Maximum safe input power *2, *3 +25 dBm (Total input power)
Level accuracy *2, *3, *4, *6 ±0.4 dB (1310/1550 nm, Input level: −20 dBm, Sensitivity: MID, HIGH1-3)
Level linearity *3 ±0.05 dB (Input level: −50 to +10 dBm, Sensitivity: HIGH1-3)
Level flatness *2, *3, *6 ±0.1 dB (1520 to 1580 nm), ±0.2 dB (1450 to 1520 nm, 1580 to 1620 nm)
Polarization dependence *2, *3, *6 ±0.05 dB (1550/1600 nm), ±0.08 dB (1310 nm)
Dynamic range *1, *2, *8
Resolution: 0.02 nm Standard (-10);  55 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm)
High performance (-20);  58 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm, Typ. 60 dB)
Standard (-10);  37 dB (Peak ±0.1 nm)
High performance (-20);  45 dB (Peak ±0.1 nm, Typ. 50 dB)
Resolution: 0.05 nm Standard (-10);  73 dB (Peak ±1.0 nm)
High performance (-20);  73 dB (Peak ±1.0 nm, Typ. 78 dB)
Standard (-10);  62 dB (Peak ±0.4 nm)
High performance (-20);  64 dB (Peak ±0.4 nm, Typ. 70 dB)
Standard (-10);  45 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm)
High performance (-20);  50 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm, Typ. 55 dB)
Resolution: 0.1 nm Standard (-10);  57 dB (Peak ±0.4 nm)
High performance (-20);  60 dB (Peak ±0.4 nm, Typ. 67 dB)
Standard (-10);  40 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm)
High performance (-20);  45 dB (Peak ±0.2 nm, Typ. 50 dB)
Stray-light suppression ratio *7, *10 Standard (-10);  73 dB
High performance (-20);  76 dB (Typ. 80 dB)
Optical return loss *11 Typ. 35 dB (with angled-PC connector)
Applicable fiber SM (9.5/125 μm), GI (50/125 μm, 62.5/125 μm)
Applicable fiber SM (9.5/125 μm), GI (50/125 μm, 62.5/125 μm)
Optical connector Optical input : AQ9447 (≅∼) Connector adapter (option) required.
Calibration output: AQ9441 (∼∼) Universal adapter (option) required. (∼∼) Connector type FC or SC
Built-in calibration light source *12 Wavelength reference source (For optical alignment and wavelength calibration)
Sweep time *1,*4 NORM_AUTO: 0.2 sec, NORMAL: 1 sec, MID: 2 sec, HIGH1: 5 sec, HIGH2: 20 sec, HIGH3: 75 sec
Warm-up time Minimum 1 hour (After warming up, optical alignment adjustment with built-in light source is required.)

*1: Horizontal scale: Wavelength display mode.
*2: With 9.5/125 μm single mode fiber with a PC type connector, after 1 hour of warm-up, after optical
alignment with built-in reference light source or a single longitudinal mode laser (wavelength 1520 –
1560 nm, peak level ≥ -20 dBm, level stability ≤ 0.1 dBpp, and wavelength stability ≤ ±0.01 nm).
*3: Vertical scale: Absolute power display mode, Resolution setting: ≥ 0.05 nm, Resolution correction: OFF.
*4: With 9.5/125 μm single mode fiber (B1.1 type defined on IEC60793-2, PC polished, mode field
diameter: 9.5 μm, NA: 0.104 to 0.107).
*5: After wavelength calibration with built-in reference light source or a single longitudinal mode laser
(wavelength 1520 – 1560 nm, peak level ≥ -20 dBm and absolute wavelength accuracy ±0.003 nm).
*6: Temperature condition changes to 23 ±3°C at 0.05 nm resolution setting.
*7: High dynamic mode: OFF, Pulse light measurement mode: OFF, Resolution correction: OFF.
*8: 1523 nm, High dynamic mode: SWITCH, Resolution correction: OFF
*9: Span: ≤ 100 nm, Number of sampling: 1001, Average number: 1.
*10: With He-Ne laser (1523 nm), 0.1 nm resolution setting, 1520 nm to 1620 nm except for peak
wavelength ±2 nm.
*11: With Yokogawa’s master single mode fiber with an angled-PC connector. Typ. 15 dB with PC connector.
*12: Option.
“Typical” or “typ.” in this document means “Typical value”, which is for reference, not guaranteed


Standard and High-Performance Models

There are two models available, Standard and High performance. The High performance model provides even higher wavelength accuracy and dynamic range.

High wavelength resolution: 0.02nm

High Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.01nm

  • High performance model: ±0.01nm (C band)
  • Standard model: ±0.02nm (C+L band)

Ultra-High Dynamic Range<

With the reduced stray-light in the monochromator, AQ6370D achieves ultra-high dynamic range of typ. 78dB.


Example of the dynamic range
Peak ±1.0nm, Resolution setting 0.05 nm,
High dynamic mode: ON, High performance model

Sharper Filter Edge

The high performance model can also achieve a higher dynamic range within 0.2nm of the peak wavelength. With the sharper spectral characteristics of the monochromator, spectral signals in close proximity can be separated clearly and measured accurately.


Example of the spectral shape

Stray-light suppression ratio: 80dB typ

This new specification provides stray-light suppression capability when High dynamic mode, usually taking longer measurement time, is not used. The AQ6370D contributes to shortening the measurement time with the high stray light suppression ratio.


Example of the stray-light suppression ratio
High dynamic mode: ON, Resolution setting 0.1 nm, High performance model

Wide Level Range: +20DBm to -90dBm

The AQ6370D can measure high power sources such as optical amplifiers and pump lasers for Raman amplifiers, and very weak optical signals as well. Measurement sensitivity can be chosen from seven categories according to test applications and measurement speed requirements.

  • Improved level sensitivity: -85dBm (1000 to 1300nm)
  • Smoothing Function – Reduce noise on the measured spectrum
  • High dynamic mode – Obtain a better dynamic range by reducing the influence of stray-light, which is caused when the input is a strong optical signal.

Free Space Input

AQ6375B-connectorx120AQ6370D 4Multimode and single mode fiber on the same OSA.

  • AQ6370D’s low insertion loss for multimode fiber is also beneficial to maintain the excellent measurement efficiency.
  • Small insertion loss variation at the input
    connector increases measurement repeatability.
  • No damage connecting fibers
    because there is no physical contact.
  • APC level correction
    The APC level correction function corrects the level offset caused by an insertion loss of angled PC connector.

Excellent Efficiency

Fast Sweep: 0.2sec./100nm

With an advanced monochromator, faster electrical circuits, and noise reduction techniques, the AQ6370D achieves fast measurement speed even when measuring a steep spectrum from DFB-LD or DWDM signals, or when measuring a low power signal from a broadband light source.

Fast Remote Interface (Ethernet, GP-IB)

Wide Span Sweep yet High Resolution

The 50,001 data sampling points expands measurement range in a single sweep while keeping a high wavelength resolution. This makes your measurement easier and more efficient than conventional systems.

Easy Operation

Trace Zooming

  • Change display conditions, such as center wavelength and span, by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  • Enlarge your area of interest instantly and move it at will.

Mouse & Keyboard Operation

  • Front panel operation proven intuitive and easy to use by our many of users.
  • Even easier with a mouse.
  • The keyboard helps enter labels and file names.

Easy Data Handling

  • USB Storage
    USB interfaces support large-capacity removable memory and hard disk drives.
  • 512MB Internal Memory
    for over 20,000 traces
  • All-at-Once Trace Filing
    All seven traces can be saved in one file at once.

See the AQ6373B brochyre for more information.

Model Suffix Description
AQ6370D Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Spec code -10 Standard model
Spec code -20 High performance model
Built-in light source -L0 Without light source
Built-in light source -L1 Wavelength reference source
Factory installed options
/FC AQ9447(FC) Connector Adapter For Optical Input
/SC AQ9447(SC) Connector Adapter For Optical Input
/RFC AQ9441(FC) Universal Adapter For Calibration Output
/RSC AQ9441(SC) Universal Adapter For Calibration Output

Optional Accessories:

Model Suffix Description
735371 AQ6370 Viewer (For all the AQ6370 series models)
810804602 AQ9447 Connector Adapter
Connector type -FCC FC type
Connector type -SCC SC type
813917321 AQ9441 Universal Adapter
Connector type -FCC FC type
Connector type -SCC SC type
735383 -A001 NA Conversion Adapter (for GI50/125 μm)
-A002 NA Conversion Adapter (for GI62.5/125 μm)
751535 -E5 19 inch Rack mount kit

Yokogawa AQ6370D Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) 4:14 min


Webinar – Introduction to Optical Spectrum Analyzers 51:36 min


Optical Spectrum Analyzer Applications 2:05 min


AQ6370D User Manual

For more information, see Yokogawa product page.