PBZ Series -NEW- Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies (Switching/Series Regulated, CV/CC) : 31 Models

Kikusui PBZ Series Bipolar Power Supply Overview

Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies (Switching/Series Regulated, CV/CC) : 31 Models.
The PBZ series is a bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and – polarities passing through 0 without changing the output terminal.

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By adopting a “Switching + Linear” system, the PBZ is able to realize both drastic weight reduction as well as high speed and low noise operation. Since operation covers 4 quadrants, power can be both supplied (source) and absorbed (sink). The PBZ can also drive inductive or capacitive loads. The unit also equips a signal generator function which enables waveform and sequence creation. The PBZ is also capable of synchronized operation which is required for voltage variation tests, and it can also be expanded for large current applications through master-slave parallel operation.




Peak current output 6 times the rating (PBZ20-20A) 
The PBZ20-20A is capable of generating a short-term peak current up to 6 times the rating when current response is set to 1ms in CV mode. Other response settings will activate the current limit and allow the operator to safely use the device without 6x peak current output. When current response is set to 1ms, the PBZ20-20A automatically decreases response speed and allows for peak current ouput while the current limit is deactivated. This means that the current function will be active at all times when short-term peak current is not output and will have no effect on current response in CC mode. Short-term peak current output is available in both bipolar and unipolar mode.


Low ripple and noise (in CV mode)
For the Ripple 2mVrms, Noise 20mVp-p (PBZ20-20)
*PBZ40-10 :Ripple 4 mVrms, noise 20 mVp-p
*PBZ60-6.7 :Ripple 4 mVrms, noise 30 mVp-p
*PBZ80-5 :Ripple 4 mVrms, noise 30 mVp-p


Waveform generation function
In addition to the basic sine, square and triangular waveforms, the PBZ series is equipped with a user-defined waveform generating function that can register up to 16 waveforms. It allows the amplitude, frequency, start phase, frequency sweep and square wave duty to be set as needed.
The 16 user-defined waveforms can be freely edited, and the original created and edited waveforms can be registered and easily recalled for use.The sequence function allows each waveform to be set as a single step, and a maximum of 1024 steps can be set in the 16 programs.