Kikusui PMX-Multi Series

Kikusui PMX-Multi Series

Compact Multi-Output DC Power Supply(CV/CC) 3 Models

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The PMX-Multi series is a multi-channel DC power supply with isolated outputs on each channel. The PMX32-3DU (2ch), PMX32-3TR (3ch), and PMX32-2QU (4ch) are all capable of simultaneous output in all channels and come with an output tracking feature.
Also, channels 1 & 2 of each model can be easily connected in either series or parallel to increase the output voltage/current at the press of a button. LAN (LXI Compliant), USB, and RS232C are included as standard digital interfaces for easy system integration. The PMX-Multi benefits from a low noise, series regulator design that makes this series the perfect choice for experiments involving transistors, IC circuits, and op amp circuits as well as R&D and production line applications.



Each output is isolated. Simple series/parallel connection between channels. 200 W Output Capacity.
Three models with 2, 3 and 4 outputs.

  • Three models with 2, 3 and 4 outputs.
  • Each output is isolated.
  • High setting resolution. (Voltage: 1 mV, Current: 0.1 mA)
  • Tracking control in all channels.
  • Simultaneous display of all channel statuses.
  • ON/OFF delay of each output.
  • Simple series/parallel connection between channels. (CH1 & CH2)
  • LAN (LXI Compliant)/USB/RS232C standard interface.
  • Turning output on and off using an external contact.
  • Remote sensing function.
  • Key lock, Preset memory function. (3 slots)
  • High quality LCD panel for improved visibility.
  • Delay Function
    The optional setting creates a programmable delay between the OUTPUT switch being activated and the actual output being released. The setting range for DELAY TIME is from 0.1- 99.9 seconds.
    When power supplies are not activated properly, there is the slight risk of damage being caused to the overall system. For this reason ON delay control is a very important feature that is required for power source output. This feature is also necessary when turning output OFF, and is highly convenient for operating circuits.