Kikusui PLZ-5WH_Series

Kikusui PLZ-5WH Series

Compact High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CV/CP/ARB)

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The PLZ-5WH high power DC electronic load series is where durable, reliable ingenuity meets multifunctional and high power design. Up to 20kW can be achieved with a single unit. Thanks to the highly power dense design of the PLZ-5WH, this series can sink up to 20kW of power in a single unit.
Load simulation can be achieved faster than ever before thanks to the reliable, high speed design of the PLZ-5WH current control circuits. Accurate current measures can be made with extremely high setting resolution. A color LCD display allows for highly visible, user-friendly front panel operation. RS232C, USB, and LAN digital interfaces are included as standard for simple integration into any system.