Kikusui PAT-T Series

Kikusui PAT-T Series

High-Efficiency, High-Capacity Switching Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC) 99 Models

Quick info


The PAT-T Series is a CV/CC auto-shifting switching DC power supply featuring excellent efficiency and low noise due to a soft switching system design. The PAT-T series is equipped with state-of-the-art high-density packaging technology allowing for extremely high power capacity with a vastly reduce chassis size and weight. A built-in “power factor correction circuit” greatly reduces noise while supressing harmonic currents for an optimal electronic test environment.

Power reception and distribution modules have been simplified resulting in lower power consumption and an overall decreased cost of ownership. Guaranteed continuous operation at ambient temperatures as high as 50°C make the PAT-T the perfect power supplies for extremely demanding environments even under full-load. The PAT-T is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly display panel supporting standard RS232C digital interface as well as external analog control, monitor output and status output connectors allowing for control via computer or sequencer. USB, GPIB, or LAN (LXI) digital interfaces are also available as a factory option. The PAT-T power supply is an extremely versatile test instrument easily incorporated into any test system or used stand-alone.


  • 4 kW type can operate even with single-phase 200 volt input. (However, current is limited to about 75% of rated value.)
  • Standardly equipped with RS-232C interface.
  • Supports USB/GPIB/LAN interface.(Factory option)
  • Controllable from Excel VBA and LabView with measuring instrument driver. Driver can be downloaded free at our web site.
  • Capacity can be expanded through parallel operation (up to five units of the same model).
  • Equipped with reliable output ON/OFF delay function during sequence operations.
  • Memory function (three sets of voltage/current)
  • Voltage/current monitor output
  • Status signal output
  • Remote sensing function
  • Protective functions (shutdown, as well as protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, input phase interruption, fan malfunction, sensing, and bleeder circuit overheating)
  • High noise resistance (for reassurance during car electronics testing)
  • Good maintainability, including easy fan replacement
  • 3-phase 400V input available (8kw type)


Smart rack system (PAT-TM/TMX)

  • The large-current model assembles multiple PAT-T series units with special rack parts.
  • The PAT-TMX is a model equipped with the breaker.
  • A total of 82 models are available, ranging from 16 kW to 40 kW.


Control via browser (Factory option)

  • The LAN interface applies to the LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation). If that interface is used, it is possible to control and monitor the power supply from a browser.

Car electronics applications

  • Lifetime testing of headlights, etc
  • Performance and endurance testing of inverters for use in high-capacity air conditioners and motors
  • Performance and endurance testing of brushless motors for use in EPS, MG, and SG units
  • Performance testing of IPM, IGBT, and other power modules
  • Performance testing of starter motors