Kikusui KFM2005

Kikusui KFM2005

FC(Fuel Cell) Impedance Meter (up to 5A)
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The impedance meter KFM2005 is designed for testing of the fuel cell with the small current (5 A or less), and not only the current-voltage characteristic test, the KFM2005 can easily measure for the impedance of a fuel cell using the AC impedance method, and the Cole-Cole plot. Using the measurement data of the Cole-cole plot, it is possible to calculate the circuit constant of the approximate equivalent circuit of the fuel cell. The built-in DC load (60W) is capable to operate from 0 V, and it can perform the test for the fuel cell up to 20V and 5A.


  • Impedance of cells up to 20V can be measured in the range of 10 mHz to 10 kHz.
    (The cell voltage/current can be read back as well in the 0 V to 20 V / 0 A to 5 A range.)
  • Impedance measurement.
    (The measurement AC current can be set for the range at 10% to 100% of each range of the rated value in 0.1% step. )
    (Impedance measurement under condition of measurement AC voltage at 5 mV applied by the dummy constant voltage can also be set. )
  • Built-in electronic load offers two constant current modes ranges for the load rating: 5 A and 0.5 A Load current setting resolutions of 0.1 mA (5 A range) and 0.01 mA (0.5 A range), with maximum power consumption of 60 W.
  • Equipped with “Undervoltage protection”, “Overvoltage protection”, “Overpower protection”, “Overheat protection”, “Overcurrent protection”, and “Line cut detection” as standard.
  • The backlit LCD offers enhanced visibility.
  • Four types of measurement value can be chosen for display freely from R, X, | Z |, θ , V, and I.
  • Equipped with GPIB, RS-232C and USB interfaces as standard.
  • Impedance measurements can be made in the range of 10 mHz to 10 kHz as well on both primary and secondary cells.