Kikusui FGA5050

Kikusui FGA5050

50MHz Function Generator 2 Models

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The LXI interface makes easier for the test system !
The FGA5050 is a function generator that equips with the arbitrary waveform function. In addition to Sine waveform, Square waveform, Ramp waveform of those custom waveform generation function, the FGA5050 offers to realize high precision waveform with 1 μHz of resolution and 50MHz of wideband frequency. The FGA5050 can be used in wide application such as “Voltage variation test for Automotive Electronic Components”, “ECU false signal source”, “Charge-Discharge test for the rechargeable battery”, “Ripple super-impose test” and it can be used as the trigger signal for the various type of test system.
Further more, three types of interface, LAN / USB / GPIB* are equipped with the FGA5050 as standard feature, it applies for automated test along with manual operation.*Only available in Model FGA5050GC

  • Wide band frequency
    Sine waveform : 1μHz to 50MHz
    Square waveform : 1μHz to 25MHz
  • Sine waveform, Square waveform, Ramp waveform, Triangle waveform, Pulse waveform, Noise waveform, DC, Arbitrary waveform output
  • Waveform Editor Application Software “WAVEPATT” is included as standard
  • Various modulation types
    AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Frequency sweep, Burst, External Modulation Input
  • 16 bits / up to 50MHz pattern out
  • 14 bits / 256k-point, 125MSs/s
  • 10MHz clock in and out
  • Trigger Input and Trigger output (TTL compatible)
  • Interface : LAN / USB / GPIB*standard